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Brick Staining and Coloring


Our Products are Permanent, Weather Tested and Natural Looking

Changing the color of absorptive masonry with THE Right product applied the Right way and in the Right conditions

Brick Staining

Brick staining can be used after repairs or if you want to have a fresh look. There are many reason to stain brick and the results last longer than painting.

Stone Staining

Stone and natural stone can also be stained to change the appearance or matching after a repair is completed.

Mortar Matching

Mortar is one of the things that can go before the brick does. We can change the color or match what you have existing. 

Brick Matching

Brick matching is the process making repaired areas look like they were there originally. The staining process last longer than painting and keeps the natural brick look.

We Are A Masonry Cosmetics Certified Contractor

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